Dedicated Life Coach and Professional Trainer with more than 10 year experience. Highly educated and well trained with expertise in dealing with financial, communication and business management issues. She possesses reasonable problem-solving skills and developed broad knowledge of many facets of business and market forces from her past experiences in retail and marketing before moving into areas of coaching and consultancy.

Resourceful and focused professional with strong-decision making and organisational skills. Empower clients by helping them make, meet, and exceed goals in their personal and professional lives is her task and her mantra in life is "lifting others and you will rise"

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About The Latest Event

One sure path to failure is NOT having a strategy. Join us now to harness the power of perspective exchange in challenges by disrupting your business.

  • Help you to overcome stress and become more productive at work
  • Discussion to highlight strength and challenges each face in their daily activity
  • Develop impromptu speaking methodology as all starts from powerful speaking
  • Help you to replace wishful thinking with powerful result-oriented activity
  • Sharing of unlimited strategies overcoming challenges
  • Opportunities through networking

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